doctor’s diaries.

i cancelled my cable tv yesterday because i never watch tv… but when i came home this evening, i just turned on the tube. to my surprise, i stumbled upon a show on PBS called “doctor’s diaries”. in short, in 1987, NOVA started filming the lives of 7 young harvard medical students. the documentary follows them for 21 years, starting from their first year in med school until today. the video and story is really compelling, and sadly i won’t be able to watch it on tv since i’ve cancelled my cable. nonetheless, i believe i can catch some of it on youtube… or i may even be compelled to buy the dvd box set.

i’ve always had alot of respect for medical doctors, and this video only makes me look up to them more. i guess if i could do it all over again, i probably would go to med school. i love design, but sometimes it’s so subjective.

anyway, you can learn more about the show here. i highly recommend it!

on a side note, i can’t get enough of endoscopic sinus surgery. i am a big fan of dr. michael hawke’s videos on youtube. my favorite video is the one where he removes a giant polyp (this is extremely graphic—do not watch if you can’t stomach surgery). there’s another video of him doing a sinus drainage.

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2 thoughts on “doctor’s diaries.

  1. You could also re-attach you TV antennae and pick up UHF channel 26 the old fashioned way. It still works.


  2. oooh, that’s a great idea man! how are you doing bill? i didn’t realized you followed my blog heheh.

    do you know if can i get free HD channels through an antenna?

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