knows how to make sharing simple.

so i was when i’m not shopping for camera lenses, i’m admiring classic furniture. i was looking for a nice eames chair and i was delighted to discover that used addthis.

i really like how they customized the menu to include social bookmarking services like stylehive and thisnext. we’ve found that including these types of services for shopping verticals increases sharing and bookmarking. ultimately this translate to more sales for them in the long run.

notice how i’ve socially bookmarked this lovely eames chair to my stylehive account. i’m slowly building a little list of bookmarks with potential things i’d like to own one day.

on a side note, i reallllllly would like to get one of these chairs by eames as well. they’re way out of my price range, but they have to be the most comfortable chair i’ve ever sat on. what a classic.

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