tv stands.

looking at buying a tv stand today… hmmm… wonder which one i’ll end up with. most likely i’ll go to best buy and pick one up. they have a sale this evening which gives you double points, if you have a best buy membership card.



Brooklyn TV Stand


Plasma TV Stand – Black (60″)


TV Stand – Chocolate

Wood TV Console – Black (60″)


Init® – TV Stand for Most Flat-Panel Televisions Up to 50″ – Black

i went to bestbuy this evening to attend their special evening event… and i was disappointed with their service. there was a floor model of the one i wanted, but they refused to sell it to me. it took them about 30 minutes to find out (after speaking to about 4 different salesmen)
anyway, i don’t have a tv stand. i definitely need to get one. look at all these cords. this is terrible…

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