twitterfeed. transforms blogs into tweets.

i though this was a great tool. it takes your RSS blog feed and converts each new post into a feed. this makes my life a little easier…

but the problem is, i can’t measure click-backs to my site. if they could integrate that into my google analytics, i’d be a happy camper. i’m also surprised they didn’t do some sort of take away toolbar and build their own url shorting service (ala tinyurl or

try it yourself here.

2 thoughts on “twitterfeed. transforms blogs into tweets.

  1. My second comment today (and ever as a matter of fact), it is a horrible idea to use Twitter as an alternative to RSS feeds, the only way to subscribe to updates like this via twitter is to use twitter or an twitter API based site, surely this is adding to many layers… RSS is good for syndication!

  2. i agree. twitter shouldn’t be an rss feed…

    twitterfeed is a different tool though. it takes your blog and publishes each new post to twitter automatically. they just need one that does it for facebook too.

    it works pretty well!

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