designing a better netbook.

my coworker sent me a link to a new netbook. it looks really nice, but i thinkn they could be simplified even more. here’s the image of the netbook he recommended:

i quickly remixed the image in photoshop to illustrate what i’d want in a netbook…

· paper thin body
· no extra lights, trackpad, and card readers
· no track pad and use a touch screen instead
· use a lighter version of an OS, like a mobile device (ideally an iphone interface)
· make the screen wide, and go all the way out to the edges
· move the webcam somewhere below the screen, in the joint
· built in EVDO card

imagine this as an iphone with a larger screen, and keyboard. you’d be limited the basic applications that an iphone would have:
· web browsing
· itunes music/video/etc.
· app store
· email
· skype
· instant messenger

what do you think?

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