investment brain trust.

the dow at 8,763.06

i read an article in new york times a few months ago about how a group of women in canada started a small group to share financial tips. unfortunately i can’t find the article anymore, but from what i remember, it was interesting. they all got together once a week to discuss personal financials with each other. obviously this was a “brain trust”, where no information left the room. they discussed how they spent their money, how they invested, etc.

after reading this, i was inspired. i wish there was a way to gather a small group of people i know to talk about investments. i want to know what has worked, what hasn’t work, and share personal strategy/goals. this would be a brain trust where we could work together to save, invest, and spend wiser.

recently, one of my old colleagues from college shared a book with me about value investment, called “Margin of Safety: Risk-Adverse Value Investing Strategies for the Thoughtful Investor” by Seth A. Klarman. i’m going to spend this weekend reading it.

if you have advice, thoughts, or you’re simply interested, let me know. i don’t claim to know much. i’m just curious if anyone else is into the same thing.

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