so only a half of the plants i started off with have survived. the ones that are still left are doing pretty well. the basil is looking a little gnarly, but the seem to still be alive and well, despite their contorted shape.

i was able to transplant most of the banana peppers yesterday with annie. i’ll probably make another round to home depot this week and pick up some more pots. actually, if anyone has any extra pots, let me know!

next year i’m just going to buy some of the plants as seedlings. growing the plants from seeds on a condo patio has been challenging. it’d be easier just to pick up a couple of plants instead. i’d also have a wider variety.

check out the plants from early june.
check out the plants from may.
check out the plants from early may.
check out the plants from april.

3 thoughts on “plants.

  1. we need to transplant the rest of the banana peppers and probably start with the basil.

    are we gonna grow more red peppers?

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