4th of july photos.

took the china bus to NYC this past weekend. getting to the metro was time consuming… next time i’m going to get a ride there, versus take the metro bus.

went to visit matt, and stayed at his new place. it’s a house barge (house that floats on water). it’s nice he has a water view. it’s peaceful, and suits matt perfectly.

got to see sarah. haven’t seen her in 2 years, since the DB fall out in reading, PA. and i haven’t seen mike in forever. congrats to him on his engagement.

the gang.

view of the neighborhood.

another view.

kitchen, with guinness bar stools.

living room.

another view of the living room.

second floor of his home.

about to watch the fireworks–walking distance.


full moon.


see more pictures in my photo album.

One thought on “4th of july photos.

  1. looks like a nice holiday weekend. glad to see everyone looking so happy & healthy (and to see you finally getting your travel on again). bravo.

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