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  1. One of those crucial aspects to be kept in mind while designing a website is its design. This is one aspect which is overlooked by many companies. In the latest advancements of the search engine spiders, search engine optimization has not left by mere re occurring your desired keywords, It is highly required that your website design and content should serve as an enticement to the web spiders.

    It is one of the most common mistake made by the companies, that they don’t care about the design, way of design and content placement. A good website design can surely enhance the progress of your website popularity approaching you to shine on the first page of the most prominent search engines like google, yahoo, and windows live. The latest advancements in the scanning algorithms of search engines hinder your effort of getting a high page rank if website coding doesn’t comply with the standards.

    These are the things which are ignored while selecting an designing company. And hence people end up getting their website designed by cheaper and less – efficient web designer. This not only waste your money, but may deteriorate the reputation of the company. I was in the same misconception and ended up selecting a cheaper designing company. And to all worse thing happening in my life, my website was not able to come up on the search list because of many problems including website design which was made by changing a template here and there. Afterwards, I hired a web designing and marketing company named who reconstructed my website thoroughly. They met all the standards for my web design and made it google friendly. And after a period of 4 to 5 months of web marketing, I was able to distinguishly see the difference in the genuine traffic, which is more important than getting fake traffic. The progress seems to show results positively in my income. This is how I was able to grab the internet market in my field.

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