11 buzZZZzzzZZzzzzz words.

Here are a couple words that have lost alot of meaning to me in the last few months. Try writing a sentence without punishing any of the following 11 words:

11. Audience
10. Social Graph
9. Free
8. Solutions
7. Word of Mouth
6. Follow
5. Viral
4. Reach
3. Conversation
2. Engage
1. Brand

Anyone else want to share or add to this list?

**Some responses from some friends and coworkers…**

the conversation you’ve just started with your audience clearly takes advantage of your social graph; its viral, word of mouth spread will increase your reach, engaging newcomers with your personal brand and encouraging them to follow you in the future in the hope of free solutions to complex problems.
did i get them all?

Scalability (Ross)
Synergy (Phil)
Leverage (Jim… I know… how did I miss this one??)
Switching Cost (Jim)
Communication (Jim)
Social Media Expert (Phil)
Critical Mass (I can’t believe I forgot this one too lol)

We can definitely spend more time talking about the specific problems users have, the specific needs they’d like met, and specific solutions to both. Then we can leverage that synergy, scale it to critical mass and send switching cost through the roof! I feel like we’re communicating better as social media experts already. I’m just going to sit over here and wrap the Semantic Web around me like a warm blanket, fresh out of the dryer.

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