I <3 Pittsburgh.

Travelled to Pittsburgh with Annie (it was her first time) this past weekend. I used to go there every other month to visit a close friend of mine, Josh (on the left). We went to college together, studying Industrial Design. We were colleagues, sparring partners, and students at the time. Now he’s a teacher at CMU, working designer, and applying to study sustainable design.

I love Pittsburgh—there’s a real sense of community, more open atmosphere, and less chain restaurants/stores. There’s also alot of art and smart people in the area. After coming back from the trip, I feel revitalized and inspired.

Ferdinand (on the right) is an exchange design student from Berlin, Germany. I had the chance to get his perspective about the World War, difference between US and German culture, and design. His current focus is on Typography, and thesis is around the Bauhaus. He’s probably one of the most polite and focused people I’ve met his age. His passion is infectious.

I also had the chance of checking out the Andy Warhol Museum. I got to see his work, as well as the new and upcoming artist, Shepard Fairey. I’ll share my opinions on his work in another blog post.

Anyway, here are some photos from the trip: