My Corbusier, PT 2.

I thought I’d share a couple more photos of the my Corbusier Chaise Lounge chair in context to my living room. Obviously I’ll need to accessorize its corner, but that will all come in time. The book shelf will be next.

The corbu is in the back corner.

I gave the chrome plated steel a polish, so it’s nice and shiny now.

Yeh, I need to clean up those cables in the back of the TV. Time to break out the zip ties.

3 thoughts on “My Corbusier, PT 2.

  1. @Clang, yah, I'm motivated to tie off the cables this evening. Should only take a few minutes to clean it up… and then I need to get a nice cable sleeve to hide it away… wonder if I could be clever and get something knitted for it. Heheh.

    @Ionut Popa, thanks man!!

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