"Ichiban" my new Koi and aquaponic experiment.

This is my first fish, and I’ve named it “Ichiban” (“Number 1”, in Japanese). It was a gift from my dad… surprisingly we found this little guy at Walmart, out in the middle of no-wheres-ville.

I’ll snap some more pics and keep you guys posted on his growth. He will be part of my aquaponic experiment…

This is a basic aquaponic system. Basically you feed the fish, and they produce waste (ammonia). The ammonia is converted by a bacteria into nitrates and is pumped up to the plants. The plants need nitrates and light to grow. The water is then drained back into the tank of fish, and creating air circulation in the water. Pretty basic ecosystem—all I have to do is feed the fish, if there is a perfect balance.

This is a more basic form of aquaponics I’m testing. Right now I need to understand how much ammonia one fish produces, and how of it is converted to nitrates. Then I need to understand how much the plant(s) absorb.

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