iPad has potential.

While I’ve heard and read a lot of reviews about the iPad lacking features (like video), it has potential. I feel that it will be a platform for new applications, games, and utilities. The possibilities are endless. If you only look at the iPad for it’s literal uses now, it seems very limited, but in the abstract, it will be the new portable device. Laptops will be the new desktops, while the iPad will become the new portable device, like the iPhone.

Here are some ideas for the iPad:

Why carry around a level, floor plans, ruler, instructions, etc… the iPad could carry the largest collection of digital tools, to help you repair and improve your home.

MultiTouch Mouse
Why even use a mouse? Why not use the entire surface of the screen as a multitouch track pad. I know I would use this over a mouse.

External Controller
It’d be cool to use the iPad to control some of the knobs on these pro applications. I’d love to use the iPad as a mixing board for Logic. I could use it in Final Cut as a quick jog tool. It’d be great for games as well. Imagine controlling your favorite game with a multi touch screen.

The most downloaded and used applications on the iPhone are games! This will probably hold true with the iPad. I could imagine new games designed that take advantage of the larger screen. I’d love to play Tap Defense or Tower Madness.

Universal Remote Control
There’s already an app for this… so why not create an even cooler one? One that controls everything in your home… like music, tv, etc.

Anyway, there’s tons of potential that probably hasn’t been realized yet. I agree that the iPad needs a camera, but it can still be a powerful portable tool without one. I imagine that the true power in iPad is not email or web browsing, but rather as a surface that can adapt to many applications. It’s a platform for new applications, and for developers to imagine futuristic tools that will make our lives more productive, convenient, and fun.

4 thoughts on “iPad has potential.

  1. I want a sketchbook with pressure sensitivity, a handy stylus, and a program like Sketchbook pro where it doesn't take too much power or resources for on the go drawing.

  2. @Joel, oh yeh… I'd love to get nice sketchbook app. That's such a great idea!

    @Arash, I'm a huge fan of your games! I'm looking forward to Tower Madness for iPad. It'll probably be one of the main reasons why I purchase one.

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