My Mini Koi Aquarium

Currently, the aquarium is sitting on my kitchen countertop. When I get a larger tank, it may have to move somewhere else.

This is Ichi, about 3.5″. He’s a gift from my dad.

This is Ichi from the other side.

This is Ni, a gift from Mikio.

And this is San, another gift from Mikio.

5 thoughts on “My Mini Koi Aquarium

  1. Thanks. Yah, he's eating the small pellets, but I'm going to pick up some flakes for him.

    Thanks for the Koi! They look great. I'm hoping to find a larger aquarium for them in the future so they can grow larger.

  2. Jeff! This looks so cool! We have a tank too, about the size of yours. We'd like to upgrade to a larger one, but them junks get heavy, man!

  3. yah, i have a larger one, but it has a leak! i'm toying with the idea of going all out and getting a giant one and putting it outside to let the fish grow to their full potential size.

    send me some pics of your fish tank! i'd love to see it. didn't realize that you were into it.

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