New Jeffwongdesign Blog Concept

I was playing around this evening with a new blog template concept… I’m thinking about going really large… like 24pt body type, and one large column that scrolls (with about 5-10 posts). I’ve moved all my sidebar content to a large footer.

Somehow I’d like to get an illustration of a dog peeing on a fire hydrant in here somewhere… to add a little humor and personality. Thoughts?

3 thoughts on “New Jeffwongdesign Blog Concept

  1. Looks nice, Jeff! I like that you're paying attention to the footer, I predict that will be big in 2010. I especially like that you've allocated space there to 'ongoing' posts, like the book club thing.
    I'd be interested to know, do most people read your content on your blog? Or through their various media readers? Can you track that? If only 10% of your followers actually see the blog, is it worth all the work of designing it? What about 5%? Curious what you think…

  2. Thanks man… yah, I'm just playing around with a big fat footer. They're pretty popular, and it's good good google juice.

    I suspect I have a couple of real followers, such as friends and coworkers… and even a couple people who are genuinely interested in the stuff I post. I suspect most people just scan my blog, and look for cool pics and some entertainment. The average user spends about 1 minute 30 seconds on my site. I have an average of 100 views per day, but then again, it's hard to measure how many views I'm really getting, since my content gets pushed to Facebook and Twitter automatically. I can track views, unique visitors, etc with Google Analytics. I can track shares and subscriptions via RSS with AddThis, but everything else is a black hole.

    If I only have a couple unique viewers, they'll get to enjoy a new design. I'm just doing it to play around and learn some CSS. I threw this together in an hour or two. My buddy Foo is going to help me with the CSS, and hopefully I can learn from watching.

    This blog is just a playground. So if 5% of my viewers enjoy a new blog facelift, I'll actually be really happy. Heheh.

    What do you think?

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