Snowpocalypse. Day 1.

There is no food in the grocery store. No one is on the road. The city has shut down. The Snowpacolypse has begun. If anyone is receiving this message, I am still alive.

This afternoon around 2pm… (notice how the road and parking lot are still clear)

5pm, leaving work. Oooh la la.

5:15pm, backyard.

Heheh, sorry about being dramatic… this snow is nothing. Rochester New York farted out this kind of weather in the middle of October (back in the college days). Justin and I were talking about how this is really nothing compared to what other places see. Nonetheless, this is highly unusual weather. Hooray global climate change.

Stay warm, stay safe, and stay well fed. Stay tuned for Snowpocalypse, Day 2. See the precursor.