Tower Madness, Endurance, Wave 126/327.

I’ve finally recovered from a terrible stomach virus that incapacitated me for roughly 3 days. While I was bedridden, I played a couple rounds of Tower Madness on the iPhone, on the Endurance level. This is by far the most challenging board, and I’ve yet to beat it. I’ve managed to reach wave 126 (out of 327). Anyone have tips on how to get further?

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  1. I've made it 300, but those flying aliens always get by. I've got 4 electro slows right down the center – so they crawl from the time they land until they get to my sheep. And even with a board full of boost-crosses and nukes I can't stop them.

    Is it possible to beat this? When I try to watch how other people did it on the leader board, it the videos that are linked to the high scores don't actually show anyone winning.

  2. I can make it to wave 327 but there are 7 bosses that come through that just rape my sheet. This is even with a full map of flame throwers, nukes and cross's. I'm stumped

  3. Hello,

    i'm from germany, sorry for bad english.

    I'm going to drive crazy with this f…… map. Today i stopped by the flying aliens approximitly at wave 208. My record: 214 until to wave 200 – i didn't lost any sheep!

    Maybe i'm paranoid, but i have painted a map on a paper with tactical Points of all towers. Only the regen Aliens and flying Aliens are killing me. So if anybody would like to have my painted strategy, please send a mail @ / Subject: tower madness. Remember i'm from germany, there are at least 6 hours jetlag.

    I placed the elektro tower only on the middle and the right side. Now are the aliens on the left side faster. One plasma tower centerd for the sheep will block the way from the alien. Now they are forced to turn around, all the way. If they are coming from the other side, i will tear off the tower and place it again to squares to the left and block the way from the left side. The aliens are forced to turn around again…. and again…. and again….

    greetings Andre

  4. my suggestion is a ton of plasmatrons to stun bosses, lots of rail guns, and flak guns (last upgrade has recently been patched so it's a lot more powerful) for air support

  5. i think you're right. Today i lost the game at wave 252, my new record. But, against the regen aliens online the nuke will help. One shoot from the railgun…. it doesn't matter, 4 shoots from the electro tower…. it doesn't matter.

    I don't know. Maybe it isn't possible to win against the aliens on this map. For today i'm served……. 🙁

  6. They have nerfed the nukes. The easiest way is to use the flamethrower. I have beat it letting through only one flying boss. Which I still can't figure out how to kill it.
    Just open a path through the center ofthe screen and alternative path to the side. Line up rows of flamethrower on each side of this path. Then electro boost then nukes. Very easy.

  7. Dude if you beat it put up a screen shot. I just got to level 295 with all flamethrowers those damn airplanes get me every time! What's the deal??? I you beat it PLEASE PUT UP A SCREEN SHOT. We gotta see.


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  9. the thing is use put one raw of cross and one raw of that missile canon master level and put slowing laser on the landing spot i made up to 291 with that

  10. I get to the last wave but can't finish off the guys that heal themselves.

    Flame Throwers down the middle, Electroslow next to those, Plasmatrons to stun. The wider I make the middle section to destroy flying ones, the worse off my maze is.
    Also ElectroCross helps take down planes.
    Trying to find the middle ground.

    Start with lasers to get you to level 50 with no kills and build up enough to buy flamethrower. You are set to make level 250+ with those. Well worth the $0.99.

  11. Hi all,

    Become fans on Facebook. Once there are 10'000 fans, they will release a new level pack. By the way, I yesterday posted a pic of endurance, I finally beat it yesterday. The clue is the gate tactic.


  12. Is it possible to beat Endurance though without flamethrowers? I am beginning to think that it is not and that the level was designed specifically so that you would have to buy the flamethrower.

    I just achieved my best ever – 292 (without flamethrower).

    Given that the DPS of the flamethrower is so much higher than that of all other weapons, I'm pretty confident that I could now beat Endurance with the flamethrower, but want to see if it is possible to succeed without it.

  13. Hi, i got to level 318 without flamethrower but cannot destroy the blasted airoplanes i think I was on the last wave of them!? I have a feeling its inpossible without purchasing the flamethower??!

  14. @will, can you post a higher resolution image of your screen? i'd like to update the blog post and share it with everyone!

  15. YEAH! I'got it! After 2 months of untiring effort 😉 I start with a vertical line with a guided missile and a electro shock. Then I grade the guided missile up to level M, build an electro slow, a mortar, a flak and a plasmatron to complete the line to the top. After that I grade up the mortar to at least level 3, close the right part of the field with a horizontal line, leaving an entrance at the right border to configure a serpentine passage. Then I close the left part of the field with a horizontal line leading the aliens to my entrance. After that I build an electro slow, a flak and a flamethrower in my first bar from the right- before the two bosses arrive. One should concentrate on the right upper field to destroy the enemies as quick as possible- the right combination of nukes, flamethrowers, electro slows and flaks should do it. It's not quantity that brings you to the end, it's quality- very important at the beginning is to try to upgrade your weapons to avoid the aliens from entering the left half of the field. Around level 97 there are some bosses for whom you need 2 flamethrowers in two bars in level 2. When you continue the serpentine passage to the left field, remember to build enough weapons of each type. For the flying boss three flaks at level M are sufficient. Flamethrowers in level 3 in the upper right field are of advantage.

  16. I am in the very same place as you are mate, I am stuck as you have no idea, and am still trying to think of a way to finish that

  17. side comment…
    6Nukes with 3ElectroBoost in the center has higher damage than 8nukes with 1ElectroBoost in the center.

    Consider this strategy:
    O = Nuke
    + = EletroBoost
    Y = ElectroSlow

    | ___________|
    | +++++++++++|
    |___________ |
    |+++++++++++ |
    |_____ ______|

  18. The flyers are what you need to get alright. I set it up to zig-zag down one side then zig-zag back up the other with flamethrowers in locations that hit three at a time. Down the final side, I ran a complete line of plastrons upgraded all the way so that they didn't get stuck shooting the walkers getting flames on the left side entering the "maze." you'll still have to build in a spot at the bottom and sell as the aliens go the other way to jeep them walking back and forth in the same "hot-spot." If I can figure out how to do a screenshot on an iPod I'll post what I'm talking about. It took a couple of tries (more than just a couple) but I finally got 10:10 on it.

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  20. Build symmetrical pathways on each side of the board. Block the sheep end of the right path. The aliens will go down the left path. Just before they reach the sheep remove the block from the right path and add a block to the left path. Now the aliens will turn around and go all the way back to the top, and then try to come down the right path. When they get close to the sheep, open the left path and close the right path. You can make them run back and forth for a long time. Almost indefinitely if you time it right.

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