Tower Madness, Endurance, Wave 220/327

Thanks for all the tips and comments from my last post. I got stuck around wave 126, and now I’m able exceed wave 200 on average. If you have any tips, please let me know. Send some screenshots too!

13 thoughts on “Tower Madness, Endurance, Wave 220/327

  1. my latest game is at level 228. flyers are tough and those went through. they always follow the original lane. i did not made a maze but nuke really helps.

  2. I can get to around 238 but I have to same problem as the April 16th anonymous said. The flyers just keep fucking getting through; even with a bunch of maxed out FLAK guns with crosses. I don't use the flame thrower…it sucks. Facebook me at if you get a good strategy. I currently use a left to right switchback trail.

  3. To anonymous about the screenshot. Simultaneously press the home and power button and the phone will take a pic of whatever is on the screen.

  4. i haven't played this in a while… i've been using the ipad. i'm really hoping they release a new HD version soon. heheh.

  5. Man… By whatching the leaderboard all the ones that were able to finish the endurance levelupgames uses flame… Is that the only way to finish this?

  6. oh yes, the new HD ipad version has been released. I'll be purchasing it this week and posting some images online with a review.

  7. Flames help the flak guns do a lot more damage. The electroboost towers must be strategically placed. Is it better to put two flame throwers and one booster next to them, or three flame throwers? I believe that two plus a booster does more damage (2FT's x 0.6 = 1.2x more damage, and 1.2x more damage is more than a new FT tower.)

  8. on topic: i got to wave 300 without a problem i advise many nukes stuns slows and boosts make a biiig maze tbh and go almost pure nuke 😉

    off toppic: Can any one help me it seems i cant buy th blody flamethrower cus i dont have a testuser account or something… Plz help me

  9. Well I finally got to lvl 327, however, I failed miserably at the end of it. I had all 10 sheep from 310 to 327 the final regen mobs seem to have a godly regen rate and them plus the bosses seemed too much.

    Ill try to post a screen shot if I can but the recent upgrades and fixes seemed to help but eventually not be enough. Not sure how I could have done better either which is upsetting.

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