New Clearspring Business Card

Here’s the new Clearspring business card design. It’s much more simple, and clean. Thoughts?

5 thoughts on “New Clearspring Business Card

  1. That's design? Can you really call it "design" if it takes 45 seconds to position text in Photoshop? Just a thought!

    Definitely simple and to-the-point (that's good).

    The bad: A lot of folks will complain about the font size on the contact info.

  2. for something this simple, i'd love to use a 2 color press with metallic pantones, nice thick 110lbs cougar ultra white card stock, with radial edges… but this kinda stuff costs extra. i'm afraid we don't have a big budget for business cards. we get our cards from a 4 color digital press, 100 pcs for $13. 🙁

    do you have a business card? post it up, i'd love to see it.

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