Does the new Lady Gaga "Alejandro" sound like Ace of Base?

Is it just me, or does the new Lady Gaga “Alejandro” song sound like an Ace of Base track. I never thought that this sound would make a come back. This is so strange.

Ace of Base

Lady Gaga Alejandro

15 thoughts on “Does the new Lady Gaga "Alejandro" sound like Ace of Base?

  1. lol what makes me laugh is people accusing Christina Aguilera of acting like Lady Gaga…how do these dumbass kids forget that Gaga is doing what Aguilera and Spears were doing a decade ago?

  2. It absolutely does and Ace of base rocks. No Originality here from Lady Gaga. She definitely is making up headlines with copying Madonna when it comes to the wardrobe department and her songs aint all that good.

  3. For sure I knew this. Also the song called 17 sung by Jet sounds like Hole celebrity skin

    There are many similar sounding songs
    Guy Sebastians new one sounds like a knock off.

    So does dj muggs vs gza (song 11 dont know the name) sounds like timberlands Scream

  4. Yes! And even this week, I had echoes of Ace Of Base's songs in my head just as Lady Gaga's song Alejandro was playing on the radio. I thought about All That She Wants, Don't Turn Around and Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry, the songs that Gaga's song sounds very much like. The second or third time I heard it, I could hear that Ace of Base influence. She had to have been a loyal fan of the '90s pop group. I still hear their music every summer, even their Platinum and Gold collection album of 12 songs. Who knows, this could make this group make a comeback album and get them back on the charts again!

  5. Yeah, she actually is/was a fan of Ace of Base. She's commented about their influence in her music and this particular track in a few interviews.

  6. I'm so glad you posted this! I thought I was crazy when I heard Alejandro and all I could think about was ace of base. thank you

  7. The first time I heard this song I it reminds me of AOB..the I tried to recall which song exactly… I don't like Gaga… she is nothing new for me… just a mix of other people's achievements.

  8. omg.!! i was in the dressin room in a store && i heard this song.. i was so confused.. she straight up robbed their beat. :[

  9. truue!! when i first listened to it i was in my car driving and it felt like i was going back to the 90's when i was a kid!! loved it and thought it sounded just like " i saw the sun" don't turn around, and all that she wants!!! craazy!! but it was probably influenced by a.o b. deja vu!!

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