District5 creative panel summary.

I had the opportunity to speak on the District5 Creative Panel along with some other wonderful designers and entrepreneurs this weekend at DCWEEK. The thing that really impressed me is that all the panelists started somewhere else in their career (like law, architecture, or graphic design), and then ended up in an entirely different direction.

I felt that I could have answered one question better—we were asked “What does creativity mean to you?”. I answered that in the applied arts sense, it means to identify and solve problems based off observation. But what I failed to mention was that I feel that creativity comes from our limitations… such as time, resources, etc. Limitations makes us more creative. It forces us to think outside the box. As designers, it makes us focus on what matters most.

Special thanks to Justin, Emily, and Nafisa. Also thanks to some of my friends (Alyssa, Jim, Hooman) for showing love.

Here’s a bonus photo and interesting fact—Emily and Justin graduated from the same college as me. Go RIT Tiiiiigggggerrrsss. Rawr.

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