Westin Heavenly Mattress is truly heavenly (when it’s half off!)

Recently I’ve been having some nasty back pain, and I was considering seeing a therapist about it. Playing volleyball and jiujitsu really has caused soreness in my muscles, but never in my back. I’ve been thinking about getting a new bed mattress for a while, and I had a chance to swing by Sleepy’s with Annie a week or two ago. Since then, I’ve been doing some research, and decided that I really wanted a Westin Heavenly Mattress. As you may know, Westin prides themselves for their high quality hotels and beds. In fact, their beds are trademarked, and are extremely comfortable. You can order the same model, but it starts at $1400 for queen size. I’ve tried out other model beds, but I really liked the Westin model… it just felt like a premium experience.

So there’s no way I’d pay over $1k for a bed… so I checked on craigslist and found a sweet deal. It looked a little shady, but I contacted the person and he seemed like he had an authentic deal. I was able to get a brand new Westin Heavenly Mattress and box spring delivered to me for less than $640. Tonight will be my first night sleeping on a new mattress, and I can already tell you, it feels great. In fact, I’m lying down, and blogging on it right now… and it’s comfy.

My next goal is to accessorize it with some new sheets/pillows/etc.

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