Apple Facetime (dis)connects us in new ways.

I’ll admit, I’m super excited for the new iPhone. I’ve finally reserved one. What’s fascinating is how the new Apple commercials portray “real” moments in our lives. Some of them even pull on our emotional strings… I mean, it’s hard not to see yourself in one of these scenarios.

While I love how the Apple commercials focus on how we can communicate and connect in new ways with Facetime, it’s kind of sad to see how truly disconnected we are. While this new innovation in technology removes the barrier of physical distance, I can’t help but to ask if I want to talk with everyone through video chat.

The reality is, it’s not just Apple. It’s everything—social networks, skype, instant messenger, etc. I feel like it’s disconnecting me from the people and events that really matter.

For example, tomorrow is my birthday and I bet 95% of the people who wish me a happy birthday will be through Facebook. While it’s awesome to hear from people I rarely see anymore, I’m not sure if I truly feel more connected with people.

Anyone else feel like they’re caught in this spiral of (dis)connection? I’m excited for the new iPhone, but after seeing a reflection of myself in the commercials, I can’t help but to be terrified of what we’re becoming.

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