White iPhone versus clear.

Foo asked me if I wanted to get the white iPhone 4 because I was a “designer”. Typically I love white, but not for the iPhone. The white face looks terrible with the screen because you’ll see a black border around the image. Personally, I like the black face better because it feels like a seamless surface—everything is black when you turn it off. When you turn the screen on, you get a beautiful image in the center.

Instead of a white iPhone 4, I think they should have gone with a completely clear, to show off the internal components. For all the geeks, they can see the beauty of engineering that goes into making the iPhone. The designer in me likes this, because it reminds me of some Ferrari’s that show off their engine. Everyone looks at the exterior and goes wow… but the glass hood is just showing off how sexy the engineering is on the inside.

Which is sexier, a white iPhone or a clear one?

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