Plants vs Zombies, how to beat Survival Endless on iPad.

I figured out a modified strategy for Survival Endless mode for Plants vs Zombies. Before, I could only get to wave 40 or 50… but recently, I got to level 89. The most important strategy after level 40 is to make sure you have corn and ice. Check out some these screenshots.

You can also check out my old blog post with older strategies.

12 thoughts on “Plants vs Zombies, how to beat Survival Endless on iPad.

  1. Cong. I just got 38.. i hope to get 40 before new year.
    but, ipad is more difficult than desktop game, isnt? many people says that they reach over 300 lvls, but i dont think it can be posible….

  2. @dark sliver nice! yah, if you follow these steps, you can definitely get above 40. my old strategy doesn't scale well. the basic idea is to slow down the zombies as much as possible with spike rocks and ice mellons. then you kill em with the corn. send a link with a pic of your setup.

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