Dating for gamers.

“Are you willing to pay $.60 per minute to play Halo: Reach with a real life lady? If not, there might still be hope for humanity. If you are, then the GameCrush service is for you, and the site is now officially out of beta.

If you are not incredibly lonely, then you might not remember the debut of GameCrush which began its initial beta testing back on March 30. The idea was simple: to create a product that would appeal to sad and lonely gamers with cash to spare, then pair them with women that they will almost certainly never meet in real life. That isn’t specifically stated on the company’s website, but it’s probably implied.” –

This is like a modern spin to those late night 1-900 hot lines. I wonder how much money they actually make, or if it’s just a pyramid scam like everything else. Check out their website.

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