Merchant’s Tire Sucks

The Background Story
I went in to get my oil changed yesterday… When my car was returned, I was missing about $1.50 from my change box. While this is a trivial amount, I needed it for tolls that evening—the toll vendor wasn’t there to give me change, so I had to wait for strangers on the highway to exchange dollars for coins. If I had ran the toll, I’d pay $40 in fines per toll (x2). This was extremely unnerving and frustrating.

$10 a Day = $2400 a Year
If 1 employee steals $10 worth of change from customers every day, they’d make $2400 a year. Within 15 miles, there are 15 Merchant’s Tire. I’m sure there are plenty of Merchant’s Tires that don’t steal, but I’m not going back.

“Your Trusted Source for Tires, Wheels and Service”
This is their address:
VIENNA, VA 22182

The Follow Up
So I got a twitter reply from Merchant’s Tire to fill out this form. We’ll see what happens next. Everyone knows pennies add up.