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  1. Ironic that the Commission themselves pubilsh a video on YouTube that could have contravened earlier versions of the proposed revision to TVWF!I’d be interested to read on here further Google-thoughts on TVWF/AVMS. Where does YouTube sit in relation to the eCommerce Directive and the incoming AVMS Directive?Do you agree with the definition of ‘editorial responsibility’ within the Directive? Do you believe the definition of ‘programme’ exclues user-generated content? When does UGC become merely content or ‘professional’ content? Do revenue-sharing agreements between platforms and video creators mean such videos would come under the Directive’s aegis?The use of self&co-regulation – which bodies, in which territories will you be looking to join? How effective do you think such services are?The obligation to contribute to (where practicable) the production of European works. Will Google incorporate this into some sort of CSR programme? Will it argue it would be impractical?Has the country of origin principle been watered down? Is the procedure within eCommerce stronger or weaker than that within AVMS?Lots of questions, hopefully we can get some answers going from your side!

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