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I’m installing Chrome on my new computer, and noticed they asked you what search engine you’d like to use. I would have thought they’d have Google Search as their default, but they offer Yahoo and Bing.

I wonder what their intention is…

4 thoughts on “Chrome Search Default

  1. Since they're pushing Chrome OS, it's probably to avoid the monopolistic accusations that Microsoft endured by having IE integrated so tightly into the OS.

  2. ^this

    maybe theyre trying to stroke their ego too cuz then the users who choose to have data sent back will produce a positive-looking pie chart for investors cuz Google probably still holds the majority share out of the 3 major search engines

  3. @wings, it's hard to say. Google is known to be data-driven. By creating this screen, I bet they're decreasing user installs… I'm assuming they've tested this screen and determined the lifetime value of a Chrome user. Stroking their own ego would be out of character.

  4. @drew, yah that sounds more likely. it's fascinating how they're treating Chrome more like an OS versus a browser. i wonder if the end result will be as agnostic.

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