5 thoughts on “Dead Island Trailer

  1. damn dude i forgot you were a gamer…i saw this a couple days ago on kotaku. the vid with the rewind is way better than a fan-made one where it was all straightforward. might have to care about keeping my xbox live gold going just for this.

    • Yah, I saw the fan versions (the ones where they edited it so it’s completely linear), and it’s boring. The way this story was edited in this made it so much more interested. Totally agree.

      What games are you playing? We should link up on Live. Currently I’m still on COD Black Ops.

      • i bought a black 360 so im just going through my old games to get back what i lost…as far as co-op games go i got both L4D’s, borderlands, and some other stuff i cant remember off the top of my head lol gamertag : yayformeyay . be warned i dont have a headset but lemme know if theres a game you wanna run through for fun.

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