Lunar New Year

I spent yesterday hanging out with Annie’s family in Maryland to celebrate Lunar New Year (I’ve always known it as “Chinese New Year”). It was lots of food and fun. As you can see, Annie is studying while we watch an action packed movie, IP Man 2.


4 thoughts on “Lunar New Year

  1. Heya Wings! Yah, that’s correct. Happy new year to you too dude.

    As for IP Man, I think we’re about to run out of IP addresses soon…!

  2. ahh. I used to call it “Chinese New Year” and at one point called it “Vietnamese New Year,” but…i’m Vietnamese/Chinese…so i recently started calling it Lunar New Year.

  3. Yeh, I’m not sure what to call it anymore. I’ll just call it Chinese New Year. It’s what I’ve always called it. It’s like “Columbus Day” has been transformed into “Discoverer’s Day”.

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