Macbook Air 11″

After living with the Macbook Air 11″ for about a month, I can say a couple things.

• Unbelievably thin.
• Light. Feels like the same weight as an iPad.
• Full size keyboard with function keys = Awesome.
• Booting up/apps is faster than my iMac 2.66ghz Quad Core.
• Quiet. I’ve only heard the fan come one once.

• Battery life is only 5 hours. You’d expect 7-8 hours.
• Monitor is so-so. Colors, brightness and contrast are nowhere near the MacBook Pros.
• Hardly any 11.6″ bags/cases on the markets.
• Web cam seems to be a lower grade quality.
• Audio speakers could be louder.
• I really wish it had a black/glass face like all other mac products.
• Doesn’t open like the commercials. Opening the Air is a clumsy process.
• I really wish it had a backlit keyboard.

macbookair11.jpgThe only thing on my wish-list is battery life. I believe that the more portable a device is, the longer the battery has to be. If you have to plug it in all the time, it defeats the purpose of being mobile. The obvious challenge is how Apple will make the 11″ Air more efficient, and boost battery life, without sacrificing size and rigidity. If this means saying “no” to a backlit keyboard and more features, I say “yes”.

I’d like to see the 11″ Air become the most portable device that lasts all day. It should be 10 hours under normal usage. The 13″ Macbook Pro already does this (but in a larger form factor). Watch a decent review and comparison

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  1. Because I hate to see wonderful people argue.. I must step in, to offer a third solution.

    Give me both the ipad and the macbook air.

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