Poreotics vs Jabbawockeez

I know I’m behind on TV times… (I don’t watch much) but I thought these two were pretty entertaining. Who do you think’s better, Poreotics or Jabbawockeez? I’d like to see these two battle it out.

Poreotics Video


I think Jabbawockeez are more creative, so I’d have to vote for them. Hat tip: Annie

One thought on “Poreotics vs Jabbawockeez

  1. jabbawockeez ran outta steam way before people played em out to be honest…thats why rainen is battling now more than ever. their whole gimmick is dope but they just remind me of demons of the mind/close encounters of the funkiest kind way too much
    here’s a clip of them after they changed their name to medea sirkas

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