Test Drive: Cayman vs Boxster


(left: Cayman S, right: Boxster)

I had the chance to test drive a 2006 Cayman S and a 2008 Boxster Limited Edition recently, and what I can say is that they’re phenomenal. While they may not be the fastest cars in the Porsche lineup, they are very capable and affordable.

What I can say is, I love the color of the Boxster Limited edition (2.7 liter engine). While the tangerine orange may be as loud as a taxi, it really has a tasteful appearance. The ride is tight, and feels like the car is on rails. The one thing I’d mention is that it lacks a little power. It has a nice pull, but it doesn’t make you go “wow”.

On the other hand, I test drove a Cayman S (3.4 liter engine), and it’s got plenty of power. While most people will claim that it’s still weaker in comparison to a 911, I think 295hp is plenty for this sports car. Any additional power really can’t be used on the street without getting into some trouble.

Regardless of whether you like a Cayman or a Boxster, I can say… get the S model. More HP makes a Porsche feel and sound better. Also, a lot of people say that the Cayman is a new model… but it really isn’t. It’s exactly like the Boxster except it’s got a roof.

Between the two, I’d lean towards the Cayman S.

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