Röyksopp vs Kings of Convenience

When I saw the Geico commercial last year, I recognized a song they played in the commercial by Röyksopp. I reminded a lot of the now-famous Norwegian band, Kings of Convenience (one of my favorites). After checking out Wikipedia, I discovered that the two are related. I turns out that the musicians from Röyksopp collaborated directly with Kings of Convenience. While the music is different, you can hear a similarity in singing style and flavor.

Listen to their music: Röyksopp | Kings of Convenience

6 thoughts on “Röyksopp vs Kings of Convenience

  1. That’s because Röyksopp’s only hit album featured Erlend Øye singing (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erlend_%C3%98ye), one half of Kings of Convenience. Erlend is a genius – Check out “Unrest” and his DJ Kicks albums. He’s worked with a lot of electronic musicians and has some amazing remixes out there too. As Nords go, he might be my favorite 😉

  2. Oh I have some rare bootlegged live stuff from Erlend / Kings that shows just how incredible they are with a live audience. Hit me up if you want them.

  3. And Rick, can you please tell me which album Erlend Oye ever worked on was as big as Röyksopp’s debut Melody A.m or Röyksopp’s other albums for that matter?? 

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