DIY Honda Element


This weekend, I asked Mike to help show me how to change the brake pads on my 2004 Honda Element. To my surprise, it was very easy. Here are the following things we were did in a few hours: (annie joined and watched)
• Change brake pads on front and rear tires
• Rotated tires
• Changed oil / oil filter
• Replaced air filter
• Replaced cabin air filter

Anyone else do their own maintenance?

3 thoughts on “DIY Honda Element

  1. i can do the simple stuff like change the oil and filter, replace brake pads, replace air in tires, and change the air filter…but usually oil changes are left to people who can do it quicker for a little more cash and most oil places clean your car and rotate your tires lol look into the air filter cleaning spray so you dont have to keep replacing your air filter.

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