Vertical Jump


My new goal is to increase my vertical jump for volleyball. I’m also going to change how I hit the ball, because I think I’m using too much torque. Ideally, I should be trying to snap the ball with my elbow and wrist versus swing with pure power out of my shoulder.

In order to increase my vertical, I will do the following:
• Lose 7lbs
• Strength train legs
• Change my approach to leap up, and not lunge forward

My goal is to increase my vertical by 20%. Anyone have tips?

8 thoughts on “Vertical Jump

  1. this may sound really dumb but try punching a candle flame out, then try doing it with a one in punch consistently. youll learn a lot about how to output more force with less effort. after that, aiming will be a temporary control issue but it wouldn’t take long to overcome.

    as far as vertical leap goes, dip low, jump, and try to knee yourself in the stomach. thats the best way i can describe it lol

  2. hahah, wings. well, not only can i punch out a candle, i can also ignite things on fire through my 1 inch punch. it’s similar to the dim mak touch.

    yah, i just measured my vertical reach tonight. i’m roughly at about 9′ 8″ on my reach (4″ below a basketball rim). Total bummer. I need to get another 6″ my ups, and i’ll be be able to play at a higher level.

    • lol niiice…you should try getting a weight vest. sports authority or whatever has em up to 60 or 80 lbs, adjustable of course. it’s kinda like in dragon ball z when gokou kept adding gravity lol but srsly, i used to work in the food line in a hospital and one of the cooks wore a 60 lb vest for basketball, says it produces amazing results.

      • is that bad for your knees though? i may have to give it a try. my knees have been a little sore recently from all the jumping.

        • i think you gotta go slow…add more and more as your body adjusts. i wouldnt recommend putting on more than like 10 or 20 lbs

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