Best Fight Scenes

I was talking to some coworkers the other day about the best fight scenes ever… and a couple of them came to mind. While there may be more other fight scenes that should be listed here, these were the ones that immediately popped in my head. These were the fight scenes that inspired me to do martial arts.

Drunken Master 2

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Fist of Legend

Ong Bak

Enter the Dragon

Ip Man

Rocky 4

Kill Bill

Best of the Best

9 thoughts on “Best Fight Scenes

  1. YES Jet Li in Fist of Legend! every fight from tom yung goong was incredible. including the pagoda sequence.
    please add these to your list:
    Jet Li in Dr Wai and the Scripture With No Words :
    Jeeja Yanin from Chocolate (EVERY fight is great) :
    Bruce Lee vs. Kareem Abdul Jabar in Game of Death :
    Tony Jaa vs a zillion dudes in Tom Yung Goong :

    what martial arts style did you do?

    •  honorable mentions : jean claude van damme at the end of lionheart, jet li at the end of kiss of the dragon, and goldberg vs the big show…i know its wrestling but it’s still one of the best fights ive ever seen.

  2. @wings dude those are legendary. yah, i remember all those fights. i miss a lot of the old school fight scenes… now-a-days everything is all about special effects and super-choreography. they can make guys look jason stratham look like a rock star. even scarlett johansson had a sweet fight scene in iron man 2.

  3. The fight scene in Drunken Master 2 is my favourite fight scene of all time.  I like the subtle references to the Eight Drunken Immortals. For example, when Jackie rolls Ken Lo’s head around his arms, that’s a reference to Zhongli Quan, usually depicted holding a wine barrel in classic Chinese literature. The other Immortals appear in the fight as well  There’s more information about that here:

  4.  @facebook-100001790331745:disqus Yah, that was one of my favorite fight scenes too. I took taekwondo just to learn to kick like that! Yah, that was one of my favorite fight scenes too. I took taekwondo just to learn to kick like that!

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