Cutest Puppy Ever


Isn’t this little guy adorable? Annie shared this photo with me the other day, and it might be the cutest little thing ever. Not sure why I’m such a softie for dogs. Anyone know what breed this is?

11 thoughts on “Cutest Puppy Ever

  1. AAAWWWW i always wanted a dog that looks like a wolf…or a friggin wolf lol looks like an almost husky to me but then again that’s the only dog i know. ill ask around.

  2. asked my facebook pals, 2 for siberian husky, 1 for malamute. im thinkin it it’s a husky cuz the malamute fur is really poofy but the pictured dog isnt…im thinkin it’s a cross with husky though cuz it doesnt have the black eye shadow.

      • np dude it’s the Anon in my to help people get the answers they need lol according to the interweb arguments ive started, it’s either a husky, a malamute, or a cross of both. if you get one post up pics. too cute. meanwhile i’ll keep researching a way to own a wolf lol

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