My Vertical Jump

So, this is where my vertical jump is right now in action. Alan shot a video of me hitting (thanks!). Ideally, I’d like to jump 6″ higher, so I can see above the net and hit the ball down. I’m going to also start my approach further back, so I have more momentum. Many people have told me I can jump higher if I have more room to be explosive.

Screen shot 2011-05-04 at 4.07.23 PM.jpg

Here’s a video. Unfortunately, our side was standing around too much (including me). We’re going to work on covering better.

4 thoughts on “My Vertical Jump

      • yah, the second time i went to hit, the guy was blocking the angle i was going to hit, so i tipped it over him. i didn’t think the guy behind him was going to cover, but they dug it up. it was a decent match.

        hahah, yeh mousedrawn arrows are hilarious.

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