Take a step back.

Such a great intro. There are many like it, but none done with such elegance. I tend to think about this kind of stuff a lot when I have spare time. It’s easy to get caught up into daily problems… but when you take a step back, you realize that it doesn’t matter. There are more important things to consider… more challenging problems to solve. Anyone else feel the same way? Hat tip: Greg

6 thoughts on “Take a step back.

  1.  yah, i tend to think about it a lot in my spare time. it’s unfortunate that we can allocate *all* our time to exploring the universe. i’m curious as to how they know the universe has boundaries… are they certain? how is this scientifically proven?

    • theres actually a theory where multiple universes exists in “bubbles” and collide with each other to form other universes and stuff…then there’s string theory and whatever other people have been thinking of while high and calling themselves scientists lol 

    •  who knows…our universe is only 15 billion years old, with the earth at 4.5bil yrs old or so. unless you believe that the earth is only about 5k yrs old and dinosaur bones were planted by the devil to screw with us lol i think what qualifies as a universe is you get your own bubble…or however many parallel ones exist to ours. it’s been estimated that universe has over 100mil galaxies and yet not everyone believes in aliens ha

      • yeh, the probability of alien life elsewhere in the universe is almost certain. it’s too bad we haven’t travelled further in this lifetime. hopefully the james webb space telescope will give us the ability to explore further. it’s bad ass.

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