Top 10 Video Game Cover Songs

Here are the top 10 cover performances of some of my favorite video games over the years. While I can probably list some better songs, these are the best covers… it’ll be hard to come across better interpretations as these. If you’ve seen any other great covers, please do share.

1. Zelda: Ocarina of Time Medley (strings + piano)

2. Super Mario World Bowser’s Castle (piano violin)

3. Metroid – Kraid (acoustic version)

4. Megaman (electric guitars)

5. Dr. Mario Medley (piano)

6. Final Fantasy I-III Medley (orchestra) (FFX | FFIIV)

7. Halo 3: ‘Never Forget’ (string quartet)

8. Sims 1: Build #1, New Beginning (piano)

9. Life Force: Stage 3 (piano) (main theme)

10. F-Zero Mute City / Big Blue Medley (piano)