Angry Birds Origins

wtf-photos-videos-muppemathics.jpgI thought this image was pretty funny. I wonder if it’s actually true. You have to ask yourself, how did they create such an awesome game. What makes it so simple and appealing to such a wide audience? The game designers considered the following things:

1. Create a simple game with NO learning curve at all – this makes it accessible to everyone even the lowest common denominator (children) and we all know how successful FarmVille was because children were using their parents credit card to purchase game credits, never underestimate the indirect spending power of children.

2. Positive Reinforcement – The game incorporates the sounds of crashing and applauses to amplify the player’s skills and applaud his every try. It also rewards the players with access to better birds as he/she progresses to high levels. Lastly, there are no failure/penalty to demoralize the player even if he does not pass the level.

3. Optimize for short attention span – Each level can be completed in less than a minute. In today’s fast-paced society, people rarely have the luxury or patience to sit down for an hour or so to play a board game. Angry Birds recognizes this intrinsic desire of people to be entertained by games during the small pockets of free time they have while waiting for the bus or taking a quick coffee break.