Hunks Moving Junk = Dangerous


I was driving on 495 this weekend, and this truck filled to the top with trash was ahead of me. At the time, I thought that it had what appeared to be cardboard flapping around. But it hoisted sail and flew towards my car. I was going to swerve, but a) there were too many cars around me, and b) hard turns at 65mph in a honda element probably isn’t a good idea either. So the object hit my car much harder than I expected. I realized that the cardboard was actually a 5′ x 5′ wooden palate.

What you see above is the result of it hitting my car. Fortunately, I was okay… but the fairing on my roof rack wasn’t.

Anyway, I called their office up and they said they should be getting back to me today. Hopefully they’ll replace my roof rack fairing… and make sure to strap down their garbage in the future.

3 thoughts on “Hunks Moving Junk = Dangerous

  1. I think you are a whiner.  Accidents happen, get a life.  I can’t believe you wasted time dissing this company

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