New Shower Head

This year Annie got me a pretty sweet birthday gift. While most people probably don’t care about this stuff, it’s something I wanted for a while. She got me a new shower head. It’s the same model that one of my friends (Ruth/Phil) had.

There’s nothing like a hot shower after a long day of work and volleyball. I highly recommend it… It looks pretty cool too.

New Shower Head

Old Shower Head

7 thoughts on “New Shower Head

  1. @google-4ae5178208e2508ac764535dd29e3938:disqus Yeh, I installed it this weekend. It was really easy. All you have to do is have an adjustable wrench, remove the old one, and then install the new one. If you want a nice tight seal, use teflon tape around the threads when you install the new shower head. Took less than 5 minutes.

    Just make sure to put some duct tape around your wrench if you don’t want to scratch the chrome of your old shower head.

    Thanks mang!

  2. @1c549f9c981bff49f7628b6980f67f33:disqus thanks man. it was sold out on amazon, but it’s back online now. you gotta get one:

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