My Apple and Me

It’s sad to see Steve Jobs resigning. To spare repeating the news, I’ll share some of my experience with Apple through out my life.

I’ve used apple products since the the beginning. I can still remember the first time I saw a Mac Classic. My dad ran an advertising agency, and I had the luxury of using hand-me-downs that they didn’t use anymore. (These are all computers that I actually owned, and were not borrowed from school or work)

macintosh 2e.jpeg
Macintosh 2E
This was my first hand-me-down computer from my dad’s company. I remember designing with some of the original versions of photoshop on this computer, along with quark, page maker, and more. I used it to write, design, and play games (yes, Sim City was my favorite). While the screen was black and white, it was such a beautiful design, and marks an era of simplicity.

macintosh 2.jpg
Macintosh 2
This was the second computer, and it came along with a huge 19″ black and white monitor. I had a chance of designing real layouts, and learning about typography, photo retouching, and the grid.

Powerbook “Pismo” 400ghz
After working summers mowing lawns and doing freelance design work, I finally bought my first mac… the Powerbook Pismo. It was 30% thinner than the previous “Lombard” model. It had two bays that you could swap out batteries and other accessories like a cd drive. Out of all macs, this was the one that I learned the most on. I used it all through college, and it gave me the most reward. I was able to sell it for a reasonable amount after using it for years.

Powerbook “Titanium” 1ghz, 1gb ram
After I sold my Pismo, I upgraded to a Titanium after I graduated college. I used this laptop for the next 6 or 7 years… and even today, it still gets some usage. When my roommate, Krishna, was searching for a new job, he was using it to browse the web, email, and more. This powerbook was a real work horse… I did a ton of freelance, designed my portfolio, etc. I still have it today—it’s durable, and probably the best laptop designed of all time.

iPhone 1
I had to wait about a year and a half before I bought one… then I jail broke it immediately so I could use with Tmobile. Most of you already know about the iPhone, so I won’t have to get into all the details of why it was awesome.

iPad 1
What can I say, I had to have it… having a touch screen is just part of experiencing technology and designing website/applications for it.

iPhone 4
This is by far my favorite phone… the fact that it has the retina display, it’s fast, and has a HD camera make it the all time work horse. I probably use this the most out of all my computers—it’s the most functional. And yeh, it does phone calls pretty well too.

iMac 27″ quad core 2.66ghz, 8gb ram
This is my home computer, and I use it primarily for writing music, design, reading, video editing, web development, etc. It has be best screen of all time…

MacBook Air 11″, dual core 1.6ghz, 4gb ram
This is my latest computer… I needed something portable that I could take anywhere with me. The iPhone and iPad just weren’t designed to work on… so I needed to go back to a basic laptop that I could take on the road with me.

So as you can see, I’ve had a long relationship with Apple. Each computer I’ve owned has given me so much, and I thank the designers, engineers, and Steve Jobs over at Apple. It’s been one hell of a run, and I’m looking forward to new simple, focused, and revolutionary products coming soon.

All time favorite: Pismo
All time most useful: iPhone 4
All time most durable and reliable: Titanium

3 thoughts on “My Apple and Me

  1. Yes that’s true Jeff that Powerbook “Titanium” can be used even today !! it sure did save me from buying a laptop.

  2. man this was deep. i wish i could say i had any history with apple aside from what was used in school but the fiance and i picked up our iphones 2 yrs ago…really looking forward to when our contract ends in sept so we can upgrade to 4’s…or 5’s?

  3. Yah, I think I have entirely too many pieces of electronic equipment at the moment… but then again, I think I use all of it.

    Let me rephrase the statement, I think I spend too much time on electronic equipment. Heh.

    @1c549f9c981bff49f7628b6980f67f33:disqus Yah, I’m curious to see what kind of specs the iPhone 5 will have. I’m guessing a dual core? HD facetime?

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