Flooding on Rt 7


I was thinking of going to volleyball tonight, but after reviewing google maps and this photo (from Alyssa) from Facebook, it was out of the question.

I wonder if there’s a way to overlay realtime photos over a map, with traffic. Anyone else see an opportunity for a project here? It’d be sweet to have your daily commute bookmarked and alert you, as needed. For example, it would have been really nice to know about this flood on Rt 7 earlier, as well as a continuous status update.

3 thoughts on “Flooding on Rt 7

  1. Hey! I recoginize that pic! 😛 I wish I’d gotten the other side of route 7, there was a car sitting there about 2/3s of the way buried in the water. The only way to turn around was to drive right over the median. My poor little car did not like that.

  2. @facebook-10614975:disqus yeh man, traffic was bananas… if you had flown in this afternoon, i probably wouldn’t have picked you up. some people had an addition 3-4 hours extra in their commute home.

    @google-fdbbcd43890c10c9b0d0dab7fe3871f2:disqus heh, yeh, i grabbed the photo… great shot by the way. 🙂  i’m not sure exactly how i’d get around that mess either. i would fearless drive through 2 or even 3′ of water… but that photo makes everything look questionable. glad to hear you got home alright.

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