Tree Houses vs Zombies


So last week Drew sent me a link to The Treehouse Book, and naturally, I asked if this type of fortification would be successful against a zombie invasion. At first thought it seems feasible, but realistically it probably wouldn’t hold up under severe conditions.

Reasons why a tree house could be an awesome idea:
• Zombies go where people go. This seems remote enough avoid attracting attention.
• Zombies lack the coordination to climb well.

Reasons why a tree house is a terrible idea:
• If you are surrounded by zombies, there’s no escape.
• Resources are not sustainable (like water, food, ammo, meds).
• If a zombie manages to climb up, you’re screwed.
• Building and maintaing a tree house is not really cost effective.
• Trees are not invincible. (fire, hurricane, termites, etc)

For these reasons, I do not recommend a tree house as a last stand against zombies. However, if you naturally live in one today, you probably will be one of the last people infected since you’ll be far away from urban areas.

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