Deer Nearly Kills Dog

WARNING: this can be hard to watch—a newborn fawn creates a dangerous situation when mom gets protective. Starts cute, ends scary. According to the person filming the video, the dog was hurt but recovered. I feel really bad for that dog… it was totally minding its own business. To any dog or cat owners, always keep an eye on them and be prepared to help them out if something like this happens. In the case of the dog owner, she was just screaming and did nothing except watch. Hat tip: Annie

3 thoughts on “Deer Nearly Kills Dog

  1. i know! i felt really bad for the dog too, it was knocked down really hard that it couldn’t recover quickly enough.  that cat kinda had it coming because it was the one actually following the deer, but it’s small enough to run away before being beaten up.  i agree that the lady was bad, it might not have been her dog, but she should have done something to help the dog. but i guess she didn’t want to get attacked by that deer either. 

  2. “… and be prepared to help them out if something like this happens.”, how about putting the dog on a freaking leash? Here in Sweden we have laws that your dog should always be on a leash when in urban surroundings. Any way, I’m glad to hear the dog recovered, but it wasn’t the moms fault.

  3. Yah, the dog probably should be on a leash—there are laws here too. Nonetheless, I would have done something other than scream and panic. It just shows how mentally unprepared people are for situations like this. We’re left with people who are passive and just spectate. The guy with the camera should have tried doing something too.

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